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BUSY BAGS MALTA – Designed and created by a mother who understands the advantage of having such activities readily available when needed. Both as a mother and a qualified educator, the importance of carefully choosing the right engaging and educational activities is closely at heart. Thus, each bag is designed with specific developmental objectives in mind. Each contains mostly handmade resources targeting young children’s main areas of development –cognitive, social and emotional, speech and language and fine-motor skills.

What are busy bags? Busy bags are simple hands-on learning and developmental activities for toddlers and young children, stored in a convenient, portable bag. The idea is that they are always handy and ready to go! They are engaging activities encouraging creativity and exploration for little hands and inquiring minds. Simply great for playing and learning during quiet time at home, at a restaurant, in a doctor’s waiting area, or whilst travelling or specifically for developmental educational purposes. Without relying on digital gadgets, busy bags come with the advantage and reassurance that the young child is developing and acquiring new skills towards healthy development, hence our motto PORTABLE BRAIN POWER.

BUSY BRAIN MALTA – Upon requests for products for older children, we have now launched Busy Brains Malta, which offers quality imported aids and resources beneficial to any adult working with children ranging from board games to maths inflatable balls, flip books and creative writing directories.